Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chinese tattoo designs for girls

Chinese tattoo designs have been very popular within Western tradition the last 10 years, and display no signs of slowing within popularity. Chinese characters themselves alllow for great tattoos as is also fascinating to check out. The actual Chinese language symbol for love, power, serenity, wish, joy, and faith all alllow for great tattoo designs.

Aside from the Chinese characters, Chinese monster tattoos are extremely common as well. The actual Chinese dragon is lengthy as well as snake-like, with no wings in most cases offers 5 paws. The actual dragon symbolized good luck, happiness, fertility and growing old. It is an extremely benevolent creature.

The actual Ying Yang as well as Chinese phoenix are also art work based in the Chinese language culture that makes for great tattoos. The phoenix stands for advantage and grace. The actual Ying Yang image has many different meaning, and can be coupled with additional Chinese tattoo designs.

Although tats have typically were built with a damaging association throughout history in the Chinese language tradition, as the perception had been your body is holy and really should not be altered. That belief is changing in modern China, which background wealthy nation offers a few beautiful and very significant icons and pictures that we can get some incredible tattoo styles.

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Here are a few popular Chinese icons as well as their meanings:

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